Zahariev & Co. Ltd

Zahariev &Co Ltd. is a mid-sized family owned and managed road haulage company The company was established in 1993 at which time we had 4 trucks and operated only within Bulgaria

In 1995, by acquiring new trucks we expanded to provide international transportation across Europe. From 2007 we work in a partnership with DSV Road AB, Sweden and operate between Sweden and Germany. We currently own 20 Scania trucks euro 5, which are no older than 5 years and all the technical devices are in accordance with the highest standards and daily requirements. All trucks are fully equipped. Our fleet guarantees optimal safety for the transport of your shipment. All of our trucks have ADR equipment We aim to expand and renew our transport-park continuously.

Our drivers are all professionals and very qualified and experienced. They pay utmost attention to the observance of all safety-rules while driving In order to communicate arrivals, departures and changes in schedules, they utilize cellular phones. Therefore the office and our clients are always well informed about the whereabouts of their freight. The drivers work efficiently and effectively. All the drivers in our company are ADR trained.

The company also owns a large garage with auto-service for trucks based in Bulgaria. Our auto-mechanics are highly skilled specialists and many other haulage companies use our services.

ln 2015 the company bought a place at D-26576 Bad Bramstedt with an autoservice hall which we use to control the technical repair of our fleet.